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    Healit Underwrap,1ea

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    2.75 inch x 25 yds (69.85 mm x 22.86 m). Protective foam. Health & fitness. Healit Health & Fitness is the next generation of health and fitness compression wraps. Our unique self-adhesive wraps and tapes help prepare the body, prevent injury, protect against re-injury and enhance performance. Pro-Foam is a highly versatile underwrap that provides cushioning under sports pads, athletic tapes, bandages and other Healit compression wraps. It ensures that you can perform in comfort, with confidence. Pro-Foam is an easy to apply, polyurethane foam underwrap. It is porous, cool and conforms to the contours of your body for supreme comfort. It can be used as a stylish headband and color coordinated with your outfit or uniform. Application: Stretch Pro foam and tear to your desired length. Wrap around the body or equipment as required. Minimum application: Two layers with additional layers as required. Recommended uses. Use with other Healit wraps. Additional padding and support. Skin protection from chafing caused by pads and tapes. As a stylish headband. Healit. Health family of products. easyRip. Pra-foam. SafeGrip. ShieldGrip. Superusgrip. Catton glaves. Handeze. Handeze. SuperusGrip Circulation Wrap. Circulation. Pro-Foam. SafeGrip. Made in the USA.




    Caution: Never apply pro-foam to open cuts or wounds.

    Drug Interactions

    • BRAND: Healit
    • PRODUCT TYPE: Tapes & Wraps
    • SIZE: 1 ea