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    Healit Bandage, 3 Inch x 70 Inch,1ea

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    3 in x 70 in (76.2 mm x 1.77 m). Health & fitness. Health program. Ultimate compression. Cotton comfort. Self-adhering. Healit Health & Fitness is the next generation of health and fitness compression wraps. Our unique self-adhesive wraps and tapes help prepare the body, prevent injury, protect against re-injury and enhance performance. SuperusGrip is a strong, durable, self-adhering, high quality, 100% high quality cotton wrap that provides ultimate compression and comfort for excellent support to tendons, ligaments, and joints. SuperusGrips is slip resistant, mitigating the need for adjustments. The cohesive property of the wrap means it will adhere well to itself without sticking to other surfaces such as skin or hair making it pain-free to remove. The cotton fabric is soft, easy to wrap, and can be torn without scissors, making it practical to take with you anywhere. Healit wraps are ideal for treating sprains, swelling and soreness. Cotton-constructed fabrics make Healit wraps porous, which is ideal for ventilation and breathability. SuperusGrip is water-resistant and will perform through sweat and water. Product: SuperusGrip. Fabric Material: High quality 100% cotton. Compression Application: Ultimate. Phone: (800) 432-4352. Healit Health Family of Products: EasyRip; Pro-Foam; SafeGrip; ShieldGrip; SuperusGrip; Cotton Gloves Dermatogical; Handeze Comfort Glove; Handeze Flex-Fit Comfort Glove; SuperusGrip Circulation Wrap; Circulation Pro-Foam; SafeGrip. Made in the USA.


    Application: Wrap around the body as required and tear to your desired length. Overlap the previously wrapped area and apply pressure to secure.


    Caution: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.

    Drug Interactions

    • BRAND: Healit
    • PRODUCT TYPE: Tapes & Wraps
    • SIZE: 1 ea